General Guidelines

Custos e @gronegócio on line values the publication of original papers that present relevant contributions fto the field of costs in the context of agribusiness considering a wide range of approcahes, such as theoretical-empirical investigations, structured with compatible theoretical references and methodological support or theoretical essays.

Papers previously presented in academic conferences and published in proceedings may be considered for publication, since all relevant information, such as the conference identification, location and period are given correctly. Papers can be submitted in on of the following languages:

• Portuguese;
• English;
• Spanish.

The expressed opinions, as well as the texts, tables, figures and cites in all published articles in this journal are exclusively responsibility of their respective authors. 

As a free access journal that do not charge any kind of submission fee, by the act of submitting a paper to Custos e @gronegócio on line authors accept a formal resignation of any copyright.

Papers can be reproduced totally or partially since named the source.

Send your Paper

The papers must be submitted to the following e-mail address:


Papers may be submitted for evaluation and publication, considering their suitability within the scope of agribusiness through the following tracks:

• Cost and competitiveness;
• Costs and decision making process;
• Costs of capital;

• Costs information systems;
• Costs of production;

• Derivatives and costs mamagement;
• Economic feasibility;

• Environmental costs;
• Logistic and transportation costs;
• Performance of companies and supply chains;
• Strategic Management of costs;
• Teaching and research;

• Technical and operational efficiency;

• Transaction costs.


Format Guidelines

Papers must be submitted in a single file according to the following format guidelines:

First page

• First line - Title (Times New Roman 14 - cetralized);
• Two lines below - Full name of the author(s) (Times New Roman 12, as well as others elements of front page);
• Line below - Higher Academic Degree of author(s), Major area and Institution from where it was ontained;
• Line below - Institutional affiliation of author(s);
• Line below - Mail address of author(s);
• Two lines below - Abstract (minimum of 150 and a maximum of 350 words);
• Two lines below - Three key-words;
• Specific reference indicating if the paper has been previously presented in any conference.

Second page

• First line - Title (Times New Roman 14 - centralized)
• Two lines below – Beginning of text (Times New Roman 12 - justified).

Text specifications

Papers must be typed according to the following specifications:

• Word processor 6.0 or latter version;
• A4 page size;
• Margin spaces: Top:3, Botton:2, Left:3, Right:2;
• Font: Times New Roman 12;
• Space between lines: 1,5;
• Size of text: Up to 35 pages, including figures, tables and references.