Evaluation Process

All papers submitted to Custos e @gronegócio on line must be structured according to the format guidelines. In the first step of the evaluation process, a Desk Review is carried out by the General Editor will analyze  if they fit in the scope of the journal, as well as their internal consistency regarding the main issue, the theoretical background presented, and the methodological procedures used. Desk Review results should be informed to authors in up to 7 days.

In the second step, papers are sent to a Double Blind Review carried out by two reviewers according to the technical criteria established by the editorial board. If results from these evaluations are conflicting with each other, a third reviewer is assigned by the General Editor to provide an additional review. There is no specific time to receive the reviews due to availability and responsiveness of reviewers.

Authors will be informed about the results from the evaluation performed by the reviewers. If necessary, they must take them into consideration in order make all changes required regarding their respective papers. The results should be informed in up to 30 days.

After performing all changes asked by the reviewers, accepted papers will be sent to the editing process for publication.

Information about papers evaluation status should be requested through the following e-mail address: