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Editorial Management

As an international journal, the editorial management of Custos e @gronegócio on line is based on a functional perspective fitted to its academic specificity considering both open and shared processes composed by the Editorial Board, the General Editor and the Board of Reviewier's.

The Editorial Board (Editorial Policy Board) is composed by members of the cientific comunity from several relevant institutions of this research field. Its duty is to stablish, as well as reformulate, the editorial directives of the journal whenever it is necessary.

The position of General Editor is granted to a Senior Researcher from the Area of Finance and Accounting of DADM/UFRPE whom must have relevant academic background as well as be able to demonstrate recognized continuous activities from both national and international academic comunity of the field of Accounting. It is up the the General Editor to represent UFRPE in the Editorial Board, to coordinate the editorial process (reception of  originals, carry out the desk review, alocate the papers for the peer review process and inform the evaluation results), to keep  the academic credibility of the journal, to assure the highest ethical standards for the editorial management, to maintain the mail updated and to present reports to UFRPE regarding to the evaluation of the periodic obtained from CAPES' QUALIS System.

The Reviewer's Board is composed by academic researchers from both public and private institutions located all over Brazil and abroad. It is up tho the Reviewer's Board to evaluate the submitted papers as well as to provide a constructive analysis as fast as possible.

Good Practices of Editorial Governance

Custos e @gronegócio on line has jointed the  Scientific Publicatios Good Practices sponsored by Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Administração (ANPAD) by assuming that the editorial process is a relevant service for lectures, researchers and students as well as for professionals aiming to enable free acess to knowledge.

The solid institutional background, the fast desk review (up to thirty days), the shared editorial process (Editorial Board and Reviewer's Board composed mainly by researchers from outside UFRPE), the impossibility of papers submission by the General Editor as author (or co-author) and the full independence of the evaluation process assures a high quality regarding its editorial governance.


Another relevant aspect is the low endogeny regarding authors' institutional affiliation. Almost all published papers in Custos e @gronegócio on line have been submitted by authors affiliated in institutions located all across Brazil and institutions from other countries.


Free and wide divulgation of scientific articles witch contribute to the growth of knowledge related to issues regarding costs in the context of agribusiness through several perspectives of research and appliance inherent to costs accounting that pursues current and relevant interest.


Lecturers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students in Accounting, Management and related fields of study, as well as professionals from related that may have interest about the interface between cost accounting and agribusiness.

Editorial Policy

The editorial directive of this electronic journal emphasizes the insertion of cost accounting in the context of agribusiness as a field of knowledge through the divulgation of results from theoretical and empirical investigations, essays, as well as articles related to thesis and dissertations presented in Brazilian or foreign graduate programs.


Until the year of 2007, the issues of Custos e @gronegócio on line were delivered by semester. Between 2008 and 2011, it's issues were delivered three times per year. From 2012 on, it's issues have been delivered quarterly.


Access to the published papers in this electronic journal is free through the internet. Custos e @gronegócio on line does not charge submission fee. It also does not charge article processing charge (APC).

All published papers may be reproduced, all or parts of it, since the source is acknowledged. They are also freely available for download as well as to make printed copies.

Author(s) do not hold the copyright without restrictions nor they retain no publishing rights without restrictions. However, full academic credit must be given to the author(s).